We had a blast at the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival, which took place June 26-28 just outside Grand Junction, Colo. While there, we played a fun game of Mad Libs Karaoke with Rob Zombie fans.

On Day 3, with Rob Zombie headlining that night, we headed out to the field early to see if fans wanted to play some Mad Libs Karaoke. We asked them for verbs and nouns, but didn't show them the song until after we filled the lyrics with their words. So the fans had no idea what song they were going to sing until the moment we turned the poster card around with their words in it -- that song would be Rob Zombie's 'Dragula.'

The result were some funny lines like, "F--- through the caterpillar / And stroke through the tiny horse / I stroll in the back of my Dragula!"

Check out the assortment of fans playing Mad Libs Karaoke with Rob Zombie's 'Dragula' in the video above. As for Zombie's headlining performance, he absolutely crushed it that night. See our recap and photos here.

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