Rise Against is FINALLY playing Fort Collins again, and we're screaming. We have The Blasting Room Studios to thank for getting their friends in Rise Against to celebrate their 25th anniversary show with all of us.

A couple of weeks ago, we found out that The Blasting Room would be celebrating 25 years in Fort Collins with a show at Washington's in Old Town, but we didn't know who would be on the lineup.

Considering how closely Rise Against has worked with The Blasting Room over the last decade and a half, we were hoping they'd make an appearance, and we're excited to find out they will be performing on November 23 along with ALL, Wire Faces and more still to be announced.

Zach from Rise Against Explains Why Wolves (2017) Wasn't Recorded in Fort Collins:

Tickets are on sale starting at $60.

Check out Rise Against's history with Fort Collins here.


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