It's not Friday, Friday but on Wednesday, February 10, the song 'Friday' is ten years old. To celebrate, internet-turned-pop-star Rebecca Black herself teamed up with Colorado's 3OH!3 for a remix of the 2011 viral music video. 

From 'gotta have my bowl, gotta have my ce-re-al' to 'which seat can I take' to 'partying, partying, yeah, fun-fun-fun' we all knew the song about the last weekday, made famous by a 13-year-old on YouTube one decade ago.

Black is now 23, and according to Popcrush, she's had the idea to do a remix of 'Friday' for years, but 'it was also mildly insane for me to think anyone else would want to be a part of it,' she said.

Cue emo-rap don't-trust-a-h*'duo 3OH!3. Nat and Sean drop into her ten-year anniversary remix at 1:45.

3OH!3 also just released a new single, 'I'm So Sad,' in January, which you can hear below.

Both 3OH!3 and Black have worked with Katy Perry, who used to hang around the Warped Tour scene before her career took off, becoming one of the decade's biggest pop stars. In 2009, Perry was in a re-released version of 3OH!3's 'Starstrukk.'

In 2011, Perry had Black make a cameo in her music video for ' Last Friday Night' (appropriately).

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