Here in Colorado, there are plenty of ways to meet people.

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For one, the dating scene here ranks highly amongst the rest of the country. It’s a great place for singles to meet their match.

However, that doesn’t mean that everywhere has the same opportunities. While the major cities typically are great for dating, singles in Eastern Colorado typically have a much harder time due to gender imbalances.

However, it’s one thing to be single. It’s a completely different thing to be lonely.

24/7 Wall St. conducted a study to find the loneliest city in each state and found one place to stand out amongst the rest.

Pueblo Ranks as the Loneliest City in Colorado


The study looked at multiple factors to come to the conclusion that Pueblo was Colorado’s loneliest city.

They looked at one-person households, 1-person households for people over 65, adults living alone out of the adult population, monthly gross rent, bachelor’s degree attainment rate, and median household income.

In Pueblo, 32.4% of households are 1-person, which adds up to 22,012. When it comes to 1-person households of people over 65 years old, it sits at 14.4%.

The percentage of adults living alone in Pueblo is 16.7%, which isn’t too bad. It ranks them 88th out of 385 metro areas that were looked at in the study.

Fortunately, Pueblo’s rent is slightly lower than the rest of the country, sitting at $1,011. That’s 216th out of 385.

Let’s take a look at some numbers that don’t seem to make sense in the context of this study if we’re being honest. The bachelor’s degree attainment level in Pueblo is 23.8%, which is 305th out of 385. The median household income is lower too, sitting at $58,723. That’s also 305th out of 385 metro areas.

These two criteria, including monthly rent, are more strange than the others since they don’t seem to contribute to the overall study of calculating loneliness.

This would be fine if they explained why these were included, but they indeed are not.

Still, it would seem Pueblo is Colorado’s loneliest city.

While Pueblo is Colorado’s Loneliest City, It Does Not Make the Top 50


This is fantastic news for Puebloans. In reality, it means you aren’t that lonely after all.

The loneliest city in America is actually Washington DC, whose rate of 1-person households sits at 48.6%, along with the 1-person households over 65 being at 23%.

However, the number that really gets DC is the adults living alone out of the entire adult population. It sits at 24%, which is the highest of all the metro areas in the country.

The full Top 10 is:

  1. Washington D.C.
  2. Danville, Illinois
  3. Elmira, New York
  4. Grand Forks, North Dakota
  5. Mansfield, Ohio
  6. Texarkana, Texas, and Arkansas
  7. Decatur, Illinois
  8. Champaign, Illinois
  9. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  10. Cleveland, Ohio

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