Thousands of punks, one sketchy amusement park. What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, this sounds pretty rad, and I would totally go but let's be real I own a leather jacket, but I am not punk enough for this so... you know, uh, anarchy?


Growing up near Denver though, I know all about Lakeside and man does this just sound like an sh**show, and I mean that in the best way possible. Can I just go watch?

John Minihan/Getty Images
John Minihan/Getty Images

Getting as many punks together on one night to attend Denver’s oldest, craziest amusement park is becoming a fun summer tradition, so let’s all mob over to Lakeside together for the 3rd Annual Lakeside Punk Night!  Source: Facebook event page

Admission and unlimited ride tickets for the 3rd Annual Punk Night on June 10 at Lakeside Amusement Park are $16, or if you want to go and not do the rides because you're like me and you'll hurl (and there's nothing punk rock about that) you can get in the gates for $3.

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