Bring on the heat. How many complaints did you hear over the last couple of months or so about the chilly, rainy and gray weather? Well, now there's sun, LOTS of sun, and LOTS of heat. While I personally love it, there are some that don't, including my wife who thinks it's WAY too hot, and my co-host Maxx (who also complains about the cold). Go figure, she's hard to please...but I digress.

While we are seeing a pretty extreme heat wave especially for this early in the year, it's even hotter on the western slope with temperatures to hit close to 110 out in Grand Junction this week.

The calendar hasn't even officially reached "official" summer yet and the heat is turned way up but, as hot as it's been and will be getting over the next few days, there have been hotter days in our great state over the years.

According to Denver 7 and the National Weather Service, Colorado has seen a total of 89 days of 100+ degree temperatures since 1872. If you think about it, that's not really THAT many over such a long period of time. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Colorado was 115 degrees, and that record occurred on July 20, 2019, near Lamar in the southeast part of the state.

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The hottest temperature recorded in Denver was 105 degrees, which is surprisingly not much off from Grand Junction’s highest of 106 degrees.

The GOOD news, if you hate the extreme heat, is that we're supposed to dip down about 10-15 degrees cooler by the weekend and I'm seeing a high temp of around 80 on Monday...then back to the mid 90s by mid-week next week.

It's the time of year for lots of sun and heat, so drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and if you are sensitive to the heat, stay indoors until it cools off a little. Just remember...snowstorms, ice and wind are just a few short months away.

Let's have a great summer.

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