We are Mexican food junkies.  Every Friday it's either Pueblo Viejo, or weather permitting, Fuzzy Taco on Elizabeth, where we'll probably ride bikes to this evening.

By Sunday, we oftentimes already want some Chipotle, though.  Our favorite is the one on Laurel & College.  I have to be pretty hungry to finish the sofritas burrito, but I always give it my best, then usually have the rest for a snack that afternoon!

Did you know the original Chipotle Grill still exists?

Google Maps
Google Maps

It opened at 1644 East Evans Avenue back in 1993.

But thanks to some construction happening now, you can also see what it was before that, which was a Dolly Madison Ice Cream shop, several of which are also still in existence in Denver.

Chipotle Grills everywhere feature black & white framed pictures of the original Chipotle, except for the... original Chipotle, because that would be weird.  So, this one features pictures of when it was a Dolly Madisons.

I'm a bit of an 'historical building' junkie, so I hope you enjoy this, too.  See it under construction and learn more here!


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