Chipotle Closing Colorado Headquarters
The fast casual Mexican chain known for their huge burritos will be moving their headquarters out of the state of Colorado. Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced that they will be closing their Denver headquarters and moving elsewhere.
In the news release, Chipotle stated that they will be moving thei…
NoCo Chipotles Are Dishing Out Free Chips & Guac!
At this point, you're a sucker if you go into a Chipotle and can't find some way to get something for free.
Here's the latest:  From now until February 7th, you can play an online game called "Cado Crusher" where you try to click on different guacamole …
California Woman Suing Chipotle for More Than $2,000,000,000
That old adage "a picture is worth 1,000 words" comes to mind every time I snap a photograph. A California woman thinks her photograph is worth more than $2 billion dollars and is suing Chipotle.
According to an article on the DenverChannel, Leah Caldwell from Sacramento filed a law…