The college life here in Colorado overall is absolutely fantastic. In terms of the general experience of going to school out here, it’s great. As a CSU alum, I’d know. 

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However, Colorado’s higher education quality can be a mixed bag. Sure, if you’re going to any of the schools here, you’re going to get a great education. But only one school got ranked in the Top 100, which was Colorado School of Mines.

While Colorado may not have the most prestigious higher education programs, Coloradans are highly educated. We’ve got the second highest percentage of people with bachelor’s degrees and the highest percentage of associate degree holders in the country.

However, there’s a school in Colorado that not only has the worst graduation rate in the state, but nearly the worst in the country.

Colorado Technical University Has the 4th Lowest Graduation Rate in the United States

According to Degree Choices, Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs has the 4th lowest graduation rate in the entire country.

The criteria they used for these graduation rates was looking at the average graduation of students who get their bachelor’s degree in 8 years or less. 

Taking into account all students who get their degree in 8 years or less at Colorado Technical University, their total graduation rate is 24.2%. This means 75.8% of their student drop out or do not graduate.

The national average sits at 66%.

However, they do have a good ranking in their online bachelor's program, placing 128th according to U.S. News. Their online program is great for veterans as well, ranking 71st in the nation.

What Are the Graduation Rates at Other Colorado Schools?

All of this begs the question: Where do the rest of Colorado’s colleges stand? Let’s take a look at the graduation rates of a few heavy hitters.

Colorado State University has a good general graduation rate, sitting just above the average at 69%. University of Colorado sits above CSU for graduation rate, with their average at 74%.

Going over to private colleges, University of Denver’s average is at 76%. Colorado College has the highest graduation rate in the entire state, coming in at 86%.

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