This one hits hard. McKee Medical Center has been a place where many of my own family and friends have seen their babies born.

How many thousands of people in the Loveland area will be saying 'I was born at McKee, back when they used to do that.' It sounds weird, doesn't it.

The Reporter-Herald has the story of how Banner Health has announced that they are consolidating labor and delivery of babies to Banner Fort Collins, as of September 1, 2021.

Seems like short notice, to me, with that date being about just one month from now with what I'm sure are many expecting parents having planned to deliver at McKee. I'm sure that they're making sure all goes smoothly with the move to Fort Collins.

UC Health's Medical Center of the Rockies will still be doing baby deliveries, so it's not like Loveland has left The Stork in a lurch with no place to land, but it does feel sad, that this won't be part of McKee, anymore.

My oldest nephew was born at McKee, not long after my Mom had passed away there, after battling cancer. It was a 'circle of life' kind of experience.  Things change, I guess. Plus, with 'consolidating,' I'm also guessing that there will be more than a few jobs eliminated at the Loveland facility.

Get more on the move from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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