A paper noose left hanging in a Colorado State University residence hall is now raising concern of prejudice and racial intolerance on campus.

Moving into the dorms can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn't actually be scary. One on-campus RA at Colorado State started off his school year by finding a disturbing message left outside his hall, presumably by one of his residents.

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I remember move-in week when I went to CSU. In that first semester, we gave our RAs a lot of grief; pulling pranks on other floors, seeing what rules we could get away with breaking -- but, not like this.

9NEWS (KUSA) reports that Elijah Thomas, a junior at CSU who is an an RA living on campus, found a paper noose hanging outside his floor just after move-in week.

He then used what appears to be his Snap Chat to spread word on what happened. He says, ultimately, that CSU needs more diversity, stating that there are less than 1,000 African American students on campus, and they should feel as safe as any other student.

Thomas tells 9NEWS, 'In the coming months, years, I would hope that the university is willing to cooperate with people of color so that we can put these things in place that could make people of color feel more comfortable on campus.' (Full exert here.)

Video via 9NEWS (KUSA)

Of course, the university does not condone such acts, but it is not stated in the story from 9NEWS how CSU intends to follow up.

It's disappointing to see prejudice so close to home, in a place where you hope people are above committing hateful acts, however, I think that Thomas has handled something really awful with the utmost positivity.

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