The old spelling rule is 'I' before 'E' except after 'C,' right? Well, I guess this is an exception. The College of Natural Sciences could have used a hand from the English Department on this one.

CSU is very generously distributing 50,000 pairs of solar eclipse glasses around the Fort Collins community, for free, including thousands that went to our local school district.

Eclipse Glasses, Season's Must Have For Upcoming Eclipse Viewing
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

We don't mean to poke fun at such an awesome gesture... but, I mean, typos are funny when they are printed on 50,000 things! Our fave fourth-hottest news anchor in the world, Kyle Clark, shared a photo of the glasses which read 'College of Natural Sceinces.'

Oopsy. Perhaps they should have had a liberal arts student look that over. I mean... we have to be good for something, right? ;)

OK, in the university's defense, this little error may have come along after the order was out of their hands, and now they're getting all the flack.

All jokes aside, the important thing here is these glasses are the real deal, NASA-approved eye wear (beware of fakes) you'll need to look up at the sky on Monday. At that point, it's not going to matter what they say on them. Thanks for being awesome, CSU.

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