There's no f-ing way that's a street name! Oh, but it is — and it's in Red Feather. Thanks, of course, to my fave news anchor, Kyle Clark, for once again bringing this to our attention. 

Nofing Way, which is actually less a street, more a road made of dirt, is near Red Feather Lakes in Larimer County, so you may have passed it at some point while camping.

Kyle Clark, 9NEWS anchor and host of Next, shared the photo above on his Instagram (which for those of you who know me, know I follow religiously). The photo was taken by Joe Jacklovich who reached out to Clark to investigate its validity. #HeyNext

One has to think, 'There's no f-ing way this wasn't intentional.' And, it seems like it was.

According to Clark's findings, this sign popped up at a time when the county was letting residents name the streets. Historically, letting Coloradans name their own streets has been a great idea. Read: A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won't Eat A Pickle Road

Check it out. You've got your standard mountain road names: Robin Path, Eagle Tree, Bear Claw -- booooringggg. Then there's Nofing Way. *slow clap* 

Google Maps
Google Maps

So, I'd say, unless someone up there has the last name 'Nofing,' this was likely an intended word play, which actually makes it even better, doesn't it? [Read it here via 9NEWS]

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