We didn't need the internet to tell us 9NEWS' Kyle Clark and those gorgeous baby blues heat up our nightly newscast here in Colorado -- but it told us anyway

Buzzfeed ranked the '50 Hottest News Anchors in the World,' and, through their extensive research, placed each man in a sports coat accordingly (well, with the exception of number one, that is).

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the name of their hot local news person. They gave us the names and then we ranked them because that’s what we do. - Buzzfeed.com

patio furniture-hating... 


...Kyle Clark ranked not only in the top ten -- but in the top five, holding the title of the fourth hottest news anchor in the world.

Buzzfeed listed that his 'shelter dog with an under bite' is what makes the 'Next' host hot. We admit, we were pretty turned on by that rant about dogs left in hot cars. He cares.

Congratulations, Kyle. We're sure you have something snarky to say about this on Twitter.

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