Just one guy's opinion, here.  But, how much do you agree with all of these?

Mexico May Halt Tequila Production
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Pueblo Viejo

This one is mostly about atmosphere.  These are the most syrupy glasses of green bliss you'll ever pour down your throat.  The Pueblo in Windsor is great, but we've gone to the one in Old Town since our twins were in carriers - and we never forgot them there, even once!  Aren't we great parents?  Anyway, the help there is so friendly and efficient that, when we go to other towns, we have to remember to have extra patience if the Mexican eatery there is a little slow.  There's just something about sitting at the bar at Pueblo Viejo on Friday evenings.  It feels like an official end to the work week.  The food is delicious too, and inexpensive, because we always eat a ton of chips, then split a fajita, and the kids get rice & beans, and they just love it.

The Rio

Well, duh.  But talk about "don't make any plans afterward!"  Sometimes... It's just time to hit the Rio, isn't it?


As far as overall quality of a margarita?  This recipe, which has been the same since the early 1950s, is worth the $7.  No syrup - all natural - and when they take it out of the blender, it has that little layer of foam on the top.  Mmmmm.  Bonus:  Try the locally-sourced bison charburger there.

Fuzzy Taco

A recent tradition in the Gundy family is riding our bikes to Fuzzy's on Elizabeth via Spring Creek Trail and a few side streets.  Scenery galore and overall a great experience my girls can't get enough of.  If you didn't know:  This place pours a marg, then takes a beer (or champagne if you choose) and turns it over in the glass and hands it to you.  They have a rotating "beer-rita" menu.  Right now there's a peach margarita with an Odell Red River Runoff that I'm digging bigtime, while my wife loves the "Morning Glory" that has the champagne in it.  Hmm.  This is probably going to happen tonight.

Where else, my friend?

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