This is a helpful guide for those who don't consume adult beverages every weekend but you know that a few drinks are in your immediate future with all the festivities this weekend. Cinco De Mayo celebrations will be held in Greeley and Fort Collins, and the annual "Down and Derby" party will be held at the Big Red Barn at Highland Meadows during the Kentucky Derby.

We've been indoors for a few months and we're ready to get out and socialize. Because of our busy lives as a spouse and parent, we don't always have the opportunity to get out and let loose. Also, this might be the weekend when you indulge a little and sip a few beverages. Margarita's or Mint Juleps, even a little of these can throw your system off if there isn't a little preparation before hand. Here are some tips:

1. According to Esquire, yeast is the secret for Jim Koch - the guy in the Sam Adams commercials. He claims he can drink all night without getting drunk because of yeast!

2. There are some foods you can eat that will help to soften the blow, according the Trillist. Things like yogurt, hummus, and spaghetti will help you steady that ship.

3. Marie Claire UK breaks down the science for those who are planning on an all summer party. While you and I may not match their consumption, there are some helpful things to do before heading out this weekend. Fiber is a big one.

4. And Inverse also has some pre-drink prep ideas. One of them is obvious: water. The writer of the article references his years spent in Colorado as the baseline for his experience. He also mentions antacid. I would also highly recommend this. Even a few drinks can lead to heartburn or reflux.

I'm sure you're not intending to go out and get wasted this weekend, but one thing I found as I get older is that even a few drinks can throw my system off. Those Margarita's and Mint Juleps are going to taste wonderful and you might want more than one. If you prepare a little before you embibe, then the effects should be little to none. And, you already know to not drink and drive.

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