This is for when you just need to escape your everyday surroundings, but still keep it simple.  Since I'm restoring my entire house, I have to remind myself to get the heck away regularly!  This is also great for your relationship with your sweetheart, and kids, but it can also be therapeutic with a friend or even by yourself!

It had been awhile since we did an impromptu Denver escape, so we went out a little more than usual and spent the night.  These days, La Quintas tend to be the best quality for the least money.

We also included:

  • The light rail.  Riding trains excites us all, especially when it means skipping driving in traffic.
  • Union Station.  I was surprised how fun I found that, without even going inside the building.
  • Wynkoop Brewery.  We grabbed a table in the patio that's a bit closed in and private-feeling, as loft apartments surround that place.  Great beer!
  • The Rio.  This was a surprise, so it was meant to be, ya know, to have a couple of those margaritas.
  • The next day, Mother's Day was made more complete with a visit to IKEA.

Denver escapes don't have to be this involved, though.  I'm planning on a more typical visit soon, where I spend an undetermined amount of time in Angelo's Record Store (formerly Independent Records) on Colfax. Yes, I learned there IS a huge record store there, still!!  Usually that's about all our trip to Denver entails, along with a quick brewery visit and/or something good to eat.

I'd love to know your ideas for quick escapes, too!


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