On December 17, Apple TV released the trailer for the film Palmer, an upcoming drama starring Justin Timberlake. Eddie Palmer (Timberlake), is a former high school football star who, after serving several years in prison, returns to his hometown and winds up looking after a seven-year-old neighbor. 

In the trailer, you hear Colorado's Nathaniel Rateliff and his new song, 'Redemption,' which was written especially for the film.

'When I was first asked to write a song for Palmer I was told what the film was about and where the song was going to be used,' Nathaniel Rateliff said in a statement, published by Rolling Stone. 'The melody and the opening line came to me immediately.'

Rateliff said it wasn't until he had a conversation with the former-NSYNC-member-turned-actor that everything really came together, and like the movie, the five-minute ballad is about redemption. You can hear the song in the trailer, below. Palmer will be released on Apple TV January 29.

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