Son of a bitch! Seeing actual, in-person live music during the COVID-19 pandemic ain't cheap. Westword is reporting that some Nathaniel Rateliff tickets are going for over six grand. 

It's been at least six months now since most of us have been to a real concert (you know, not counting drive-ins and virtuals). So, if you think that Red Rocks shows capped at 175 people — when the venue holds over 9,000 — has now made getting tickets a whole new level of competitive, well yeah, obviously.

When Nathaniel Rateliff announced a string of Red Rocks shows this month, which are for charity, the tickets were going by lottery with a limited amount for sale. And yep, the scalpers got 'em!

'The cheapest ticket you can buy on Stubhub for tonight's Rateliff show is currently $379... for September 21, closing night, they start at $1,767 and go up to $6,510,' Westword said. You can see the full article from Westword here.

That's pretty messed up when you think about it, because probably no one is going to pay that much, and now even more people are going to miss out on a live music experience after going so long without them.

However, Rateliff is doing a drive-in simulcast at Red Rocks for the September 16 show, for $99.50 per car.

Colorado's music industry alone has lost over $300 million. Not only are fans, artists and crews taking a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but of course, venues are, too. Since venues closed up mid March, Fort Collins has already lost two: Hodi's Half Note, which will reopen as a comedy club next year, and most recently, Pinball Jones Campus West.

The Mishawaka has resumed live shows outside (socially distanced, and while weather permits), but the Aggie Theatre and Washington's remain closed. Hopefully Red Rocks can squeeze in some more shows before the colder temps arrive... and that scalpers don't ruin them for everyone.

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