Domino's Pizza is famous for their "30-minutes-or-less" guarantee on delivery.  Going after a significant chunk of that same target demographic, Jacob Westling and his brother promise the same time frame to clean your nasty pipe or bong to like-new condition for a nice, healthy smoke.

Pipe Dreams, driven by a van with the word 'bong' right on the side of it, spiffies up to 150 utensils per day, using "160 degree water with a special chemical, rinsed in a dishwasher, and dried with a hairdryer."

Jacob got the idea when a plumber was at his house taking care of a clogged sewer.  When he asked the worker "How do you stand the smells you deal with on the job?", he simply said, "It's the smell of money!"

Pipe Dreams also offers drop-off, shipped items, and scheduled pickup.  More info on the business here.

Next, the bro's want to take the business nationwide, and they seem to have the get-up-and-go to make it happen.  I'm just thinking some laws need to relax in a lot of locations, first - which may happen eventually.


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