In Longmont, a woman left her house on Friday, and when she came home, people were picking up and walking out with her stuff.  I know - It's called robbery; but, this was a whole new kind.  Her home was mistaken as having an estate sale.  It didn't help that the door had been left unlocked.

There was, in fact, an estate sale happening a few houses down, but the confusion started after someone saw things sitting in Mary Andrews' yard from a recent sale she had recently had, and they still had price tags on them.

They really did think this was an estate sale.  They all argued with me, and very few people would just put anything back.

Andrews believes the people knew things in the house weren't actually free, because they ransacked it in such a short time.  They left with everything from lamps to jewelry and picture frames, to the toilet paper and the holder it was on.  She says she's just glad no one took her pets.

Longmont Police have already closed the case and have no suspects.

It would be good if people would donate to Mary Andrews, in my opinion.  All in all, there doesn't seem to have been any foul play, but one huge, unfortunate, honest mistake.  This would be devastating.  This would be a weird claim to bring to your insurance agent, so I'm not thinking she'll get any help there.  It would be nice if she was given a great deal of money, so she could buy lots of nice things and fix her house all up.

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