Last year, Mike Shinoda issued his first solo record, Post Traumatic. Much like Linkin Park's last album, One More Light, the music drifted away from rock with a larger focus on electronic elements. With the new deluxe edition of the album comes to previously unheard tracks, "Prove You Wrong" (heard above) and "What the Words Meant" (heard below).

"Prove You Wrong" finds strength through the desire to overcome doubters and detractors. Mellow beats and delicate piano sounds are juxtaposed by contentious lyrics and Shinoda's increasing sense of vigor as the song progresses.

On "What the Words Meant," Shinoda eases off the rap delivery, opting for airy singing that's highly emotive. There's a dreamscape presence here with plenty of echo and reverb used on his voice and the hypnotic beats.

Fans around the world have found a catharsis in Shinoda's album. Its meaning is unique and personal, especially when it comes to live shows. "I think the show is a lot of different things to a lot of different people," Shinoda told Loudwire last year.

"I'd read reviews of the show or pieces written by journalists and one of them said, 'Yeah, the whole show is a tribute to Chester and it’s so powerful and emotional and cathartic.' And another person wrote that the show has a moment of tribute to Chester, but the whole thing is more of a celebration of life and music and the various projects that I've done and I've been involved with," he continued.

"To me, those two pieces were a very different take on what the show was about. It's in the eyes of the beholder," Shinoda went on, noting, "If someone comes in and they’ve never lost anybody and they’re standing right next to someone whose mother just died, clearly those people are going to have very different impressions of the show."

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