The tiny homes trend is one that's currently sweeping the nation. These petite pads are a great option for individuals trying to downsize, those wanting to have a minimalist lifestyle or people who live their lives on the go.

Unique things like shipping containers, train cars, and busses are even being transformed into tiny houses. Tiny homes on wheels give the people living in them the freedom to plan all kinds of adventures and take off on the open road whenever they please.

A shuttle bus that's been fully converted into a tiny home is currently for sale in Winter Park, Colorado. This unique residence is ready to roll on all sorts of off-grid adventures and can also serve as a full-time home. The current owner has been living inside the bus for the past year but is now needing to move on. She hopes to find someone else who will love the bus as much as she did.

The bright yellow abode has six solar panels and is also equipped to run on shore power. In the listing, the seller mentions that the bus, including the tires, is in good condition and has never broken down on her. The shuttle runs on a gas engine.

Some other awesome features of the 120 sq. ft. custom-made home include a wood stove to keep the space toasty, a sink with a foot pump, and a 46-gallon freshwater storage tank. The shuttle also has a hitch attached, in case the new owner needs to pull another vehicle along.

The converted shuttle bus is currently listed for sale for $30K on With the way the prices of Colorado's real estate market have been rising, the cost of this house is a steal!

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