Linkin Park have no intention of returning to action with a hologram of singer Chester Bennington, co-frontman Mike Shinoda has said. The band, who just released their album One More Light Live, haven’t yet revealed whether they have any plans to continue after Bennington took his own life in July, aged 41.

Shinoda took part in a fan Q&A session on Instagram, embedded below, on Friday (Dec. 15), in which he said, “I can’t even wrap my head around the idea of a holographic Chester. I’ve actually heard other people outside the band suggest that, and there’s absolutely no way. I cannot f--- with that.” He later added, “I can’t do a hologram Chester. That would be the worst. For any of you guys who have lost a loved one, best friend, family member, can you imagine having a hologram of them? Awful. I can’t do it. I don’t know what we’re gonna do – but, you know, we’ll figure it out eventually.”

Shinoda recently spoke about One More Light Live in the context of being a tribute to Bennington, after it was created from recordings made during their last tour together. “Everyone was at their very best, especially Chester,” he said. “He was singing better than I’ve ever heard him on stage. The idea to release this album came from our fans and friends, and I’m so glad they asked for it. It's a really nice way to showcase what a special experience each night was. And while I don't know what comes next for us together or individually, this album is certainly a beautiful way of looking back at the body of work we created with Chester.”


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