You know that band who you want to see really badly, but somehow you keep missing them?  Linkin Park is that band for me.  I had a pair of tickets to see them in Denver, and another pair to see the late legendary bluesman B.B. King at Red Rocks, and they were playing on the same night.  I had to do a Facebook poll, because I literally couldn't decide!  As it turned out, even the coolest of my cool friends said, "Dude - B.B. - Linkin Park will still be around years from now."  They did not lead me astray.

As for Linkin Park, they have always evolved with each new album, and this next one is no exception.  Perhaps a little slower, but still intense and just plain high quality.  I'm not sure what I think of this song yet, but more importantly, I'm curious what you say about it!  So let us know in the comments if you want.

The band still has six members, including singer Chester Bennington, who stepped aside awhile back to front Stone Temple Pilots, but this song features a seventh:  American singer Kiiara.


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