It's no secret that you can find almost any type of compelling content on YouTube, and one creator who releases some of the most interesting travel videos is a man by the name of Peter Santenello.

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Santenello travels to communities all over America that are unique in some way and interacts with the residents to take viewers on an in-depth and educational tour of each destination.

One of the places the YouTuber visited in the not-so-distant past was the tiny, rural town of Kit Carson, Colorado.

Popular YouTuber Documents Visit to Kit Carson Colorado

In case you're not familiar, Kit Carson, Colorado is located on the eastern plains and while the population of the town is what you'd likely consider minuscule, it's also full of history.

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Santenello's trip took him down what appeared to be a rather desolate main drag with a grocery store, antique shop, church, and more. However, because of Kit Carson's small population, you'd almost think he was driving through a ghost town.

However, after cruising through a quaint residential area, Santenello was given a brief tour of the town's solitary school that, according to the resident showing him around, cost upwards of $30 million.

After checking out the massive school, Santenello visited a ranch where he was greeted by a young lady who moved from the hustle and bustle of California to the historic Colorado town and never looked back.

Despite being little more than a wide spot in the road, Kit Carson is definitely worthy of a visit but before you plan out your next trip to the eastern plains, check out some highlights from Santenello's trip below:

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