Remember back when you could hit up a fast-food chain for a tasty meal without it costing about the same as half a tank of gas? Some of Colorado's popular fast-food chains have seen their prices go through the roof in recent years. It's causing customers to stay away resulting in more and more locations shutting their doors.

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Wendy's Named Most Expensive Restaurant in 2022

America's priciest fast-food restaurant seems to have always been Wendy's. I love Dave's square hamburger patty, the fries vs baked potato options, and A Wendy's frosty is one of the best treats you can find on a hot summer day. That said, I tend not to go there nearly as often as I used to because of the prices.

Since the 1970s, prices at Wendy's have always been higher than at McDonald's or Burger King. In 1971, A McDonald's hamburger cost about .30 cents while a burger at Wendy's cost about .55 cents, nearly double.

Check Out the Prices at Five Guys

While Five Guys restaurants boast great burgers, fries, and milkshakes, Coloradans still notice the higher prices long before the claims that Five Guys never uses frozen ingredients. There are about 30 Five Guys locations in Colorado. A solo hamburger with no cheese costs about $10 (with no sides or a drink). A hot dog by itself costs about $7. Nope.

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No High Prices on Sunday

Colorado loves our chicken, and Chick-fil-A loves Colorado. Some of the menu prices at Chick-fil-A make a case that this is Colorado's most expensive restaurant with Cool Wrap combos going for $15 or more. The restaurants charges around $12 or more for the spicey chicken sandwich combo. Would the price be this high if they were open seven days a week? We will never know.

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