AI is starting to make a meteoric rise into everyday life here in the United States.

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At first, we just had chatbots like ChatGPT, which can be used as a tool to answer questions. Yes, you can use it for rather silly questions, it can also answer complex questions about nearly anything you can throw at it.

AI has also extended to create art. For example, platforms like SOUNDRAW, Loudly’s AI Music Generator, and Google’s own MusicFX can be used to create extremely convincing music.

As AI continues to develop at a truly rapid pace, questions about its ethics are being raised.

In Colorado, steps are being made that could limit the use of AI in the future. It begs the question, is AI getting banned in Colorado.

Colorado Lawmakers are Looking to Regulate Specific Forms of AI, Not Ban It

According to the Associated Press, Colorado has become the first state to pass legislation regulating AI.

Earlier in the year, Colorado was a part of a group that included California, Rhode Island, Illinois, Connecticut, Virginia, and Vermont as states that looked to regulate AI. 

On Friday, Colorado made a historic step in becoming the first state to pass legislation against the use of specific types of AI. 

While Jared Polis signed the bill, he did so with hesitation under the belief it could halt AI’s progress in Colorado.

AI has been used to make decisions on hiring for jobs, along with housing and medical decisions. In these cases, it has been proven that AI has been shown to make discriminatory decisions. 

In many cases, people do not know that AI is being used to make these decisions, and in general, the way these programs function is a relative mystery to the public.

While the legislation has been signed, it will have two years to be debated and changed before it takes effect.

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