Here is another shining example of the Denver Zoo going above and beyond.

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The Denver Zoo has a CT scan to diagnose issues with their animals. When you think about the animals they would look at, you would probably think about a penguin, a tiger, or even a komodo dragon.

There is no animal too big or too small for the Denver Zoo.

Wait... A Fish?


Yes, a fish. CBS reported that an angelfish received a CT scan at the Denver Zoo. Apparently, staff at the Denver Zoo noticed that this fish, I'll call him Frank, was swimming strangely.

Staff removed Frank from his aquarium, stuck him in a sponge, and ran a scan.

The staff at the Denver Zoo were relieved when the CT scan did not show any major health concerns. It turns out Frank had some gas.

That is hilarious and... relatable.

The Status of Frank the Angelfish

According to the Denver Zoo's Instagram account, Frank the Angelfish is expected to make a full recovery. Here is what the zoo said.

...performed a CT scan and ultrasound and found that the fish had enteritis (inflamed intestines). This resulted in increased intestinal gas that was affecting its buoyancy.

The Denver Zoo, Ranked

This is a clear example of how much the staff at the Denver Zoo is dedicated to their wildlife. In 2023, the Denver Zoo was named one of the best and most ethical zoos in the United States by Travel + Leisure.

If you would like to spend at the Denver Zoo, you can purchase tickets here.

Sources: CBS and the Denver Zoo.

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