It looks like Colorado residents are going to deal with another massive vehicle recall. Hopefully, this is the last one of the year. But knowing how often recalls happen now, I would not be surprised to see more.

Another major manufacturer announced a recall for a very scary reason.

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Tesla Recalls Colorado Vehicles

Vail, Colorado
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Tesla announced they are recalling over 2 million vehicles nationwide due to a major issue with the manufacturer's autopilot system.

The Associated Press reports that 70% of Tesla crashes in 2021 were because drivers were using the autopilot feature.

Car technology is constantly evolving and changing, but I have to be honest, I do not think I will ever use autopilot. It concerns me how many crash videos I see because drivers are excited about autopilot, but end up hitting something.

What Exactly Needs to Be Updated

Tesla Model 3 Charging
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Tesla needs to add a major software update that will make the driver more accountable when using the autopilot feature. Drivers are getting carried away and not paying attention.

Apparently, that is the cause of the majority of the crashes.

These Vehicles Are Being Recalled in Colorado

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory
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All Y, S, X and 3 models that were made between October 2012 and December 2023 have been recalled. If you own one of these models you need to schedule an appointment with Tesla immediately.

If You Have A Vehicle With Autopilot in Colorado

It is important to note that if you have autopilot in Colorado you should know that the feature is not perfect. You still need to pay attention to your vehicle and correct it if need be.

Technology is not perfect. This is a huge example of that.

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