It doesn't look good, folks.  My post from weeks back showed us California has the worst drivers - and, as we know, Californians are moving here in droves (bad pun, I know) - while Rhode Island has the best.  Rhode Island!  That's so far from here it's fictional.

Enough hate and rage!  There are a lot of factors that go into how much it sucks to drive in a given location, right?  Sure, the other drivers are one of them, but so are:

  • Volume of traffic.  Now, compare ours in Northern Colorado to, say, Chicago, New York, L.A., or even other metros of our population, and really... we have it alright here, as hard as that can be to believe!
  • Weather conditions.  Sure, we've had mild winters lately, but even when it actually does snow here, it's usually dry, which makes for less ice.  Unless it's in my Diet Mountain Dew, I like zero ice on my drive.
  • Gas prices.  Ever look at eastern states' gas prices?  I honestly think they don't want people to leave there.  Travel to the mountains lately?  Yeah, our cozy $2-something per gallon works for me.
  • Wear and tear of the roads.  I'm with you.  I hate all the construction during the summer.  It seems like you can't go anywhere some days!!  But... We have nice freaking streets, and as someone who likes taking care of his car, and a comfortable ride, I'll take the necessary construction to keep that happening.

Wallet Hub says the best state to drive in based on all this criteria is Texas, in all its huge brownness.  The rest of the top ten are Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Illinois.  I beg to differ on at least a couple of those.  You?

And the 10 worst states to drive in are Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, California, Connecticut, Alaska, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York.

Colorado is the 32nd best.  Which is pretty close to worst.

And the states where you're least likely to get caught in a traffic jam are Mississippi, New Mexico, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Kansas.  Worst traffic jams I've seen were in Hartford, Connecticut, and Fort Worth, Texas... but it was a one-time deal where I was just trying to pass through.  Where's your least favorite place to drive?


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