Here's an idea I got a few years back, when the Super Bowl was on, but we lived in the mountains at the time with no TV other than Netflix, and we wanted to have a little Super Bowl celebration anyway.  Suddenly I was entering my laundry room with a glass of champagne in one hand (first of the night, this wasn't a blackout or anything,) and a claw hammer in the other.  I started dismantling the trim and fixtures in that room, as it needed some major updating.  We should've filmed that, but we didn't.

Since then, there have been numerous house projects, as we once had a new house - but we moved for a radio job that was short-lived, then came back to Fort Collins, within like a year - and houses have gotten a 'little' more pricey the past few years, if you haven't noticed.  Well, I want my damn new house back!  So, I've been making my current one new, room by room, for a few years now, and it's coming along.

Here was the inaugural restore in our current place, a house with great bones yet was in need of a makeover throughout.  The disgusting kitchen was the first thing that had to go.  It had gone without cleaning for so long, you couldn't scrub the food splatters off of anything.  The cabinet doors had been ripped off and glued back on by someone with apparent anger issues.

But, home improvement is hard stuff.  It can get the best of you... seriously.  Like, sometimes I wonder if my wife would rather live in a dump and not have to deal with me while I'm absorbed in these projects... and I wouldn't blame her either way.  Here's just one reason why:

I only wish she had dumped a beer out all over my face at the very end.  What can I say - we're amateurs.

Here's a quick glimpse of how it turned out, anyway:

Geoff Gundy, TSM
Geoff Gundy, TSM