As I sit and write this, there are 4 miller moths on the walls around me. They are just chilling on the wall, not bothering anyone, but they're there. The real annoyance is when I turn on the garage light and have to duck as they come fluttering from all directions,

If you live in Colorado long enough you learn there are mild miller moth years and really bad years. This one is gearing up to be a pretty bad one in certain parts of our state. This just means that the annual migration of these moths will be in higher numbers. Weather plays a role in their numbers. Miller moths are adult cutworms.

The good news is that these moths don't do any harm for the most part, other than darting around your bedroom or the garage when you turn on the light or fluttering across your dashboard asking for the window to be rolled down.

According to CSU's legendary bug expert, Professor Whitney Cranshaw Miller Moths don't feed or reproduce. They may leave those little reddish spots around, which can easily be wiped away. It's presumed that this fluid is some form of defense.

So, the takeaway is the moths are annoying but pretty harmless. I usually catch them and put them outside. But if there are too many to do that you can try putting a bucket of soapy water under a light to attract them and ultimately kill them. Once they get soapy water on them, they're not going anywhere. People also vacuum them.

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