This makes me truly wonder if animals can really read our signs. There's a new video showing two elk bulls completely destroying an elk warning sign.

This might just be the best thing ever. The sign reads: Danger - Wild Elk. They weren't kidding. This is so great even Fox News did a story on this elk/sign encounter.

The backstory to this makes it even funnier to me. The video description says this happened in the Redwoods of California. If you check out the official Redwoods website, you'll notice that long ago the Roosevelt elks were hunted to near extinction in this area. Here's a snippet of that history:

Roosevelt elk are a major conservation success story. Hunted nearly to extinction by North Coast settlers, there were only a few hundred animals left when conservation efforts began. Now the elk number in the thousands and they are being reintroduced to many areas of their original range.

In my mind, I'm imagining these two bulls knowing the history of their species. They see the elk warning sign and decide to show who's really boss here. That probably didn't happen, but I'm gonna continue to think it did.

Even if this isn't a Dr. Doolittle scenario where animals can read and talk, I love these two elk bulls laying down the hurt on civilization's sign. Elk for the win.

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