A family shared a fun video and didn't seem to be concerned at all that there was a bear spread out in their yard having a snack next to their bird feeder. I have so many questions.

One thing to note is that this bear moment happened in California. I'll pause for a second so you can absorb that fact...they added this swell story about why there's a bear in their yard eating a snack:

We call him Teddy. When he was a cub his mom brought him through with his two other siblings. Now he’s more of a teenager and stops by from time to time. He was all curled up sleeping hard, then awoke and stretched out on his belly swinging his legs like a child might. We see a fair amount of bears but I’ve never seen them do this. It was too cute

As a general rule, it's not a good sign when the bear in your yard has a name. Attention Californians: this isn't normally how it works. Bears are wild and can eat you potentially. Saying "Teddy, please don't eat me" will not make the bear stop. You are welcome.

Is it cute? Sure. Bears are fascinating wild animals. But, they're WILD animals, so maybe alert Game and Fish to the snack happening in your yard before you and Teddy have a big problem.

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