And it's not the beer.

Pecuiler Ales, a popular craft brewery located in downtown Windsor will be serving up more than just their world-class beer (which is phenomenal, by the way) come this fall.

According to a post on Peculier Ales' social media accounts, the concept of bringing a kitchen into the taproom has been "a vision of [theirs] since the start" - and now that vision is coming to life.

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On Tuesday (Aug. 10), Peculier Ales officially announced and introduced their newest addition to the brewery - Comn Fare. 

"With Comn Fare, we are excited to bring ‘Common Fare’ to Peculier Ales Taproom in an ‘Uncommon’ way! This new kitchen will bring creative menu options designed to complement our beer and provide an all around ‘Peculier’ experience", the taproom's post said. 

The concept of incorporating Comn Fare into Peculier's standard operations stemmed from the long-thought idea of providing patrons with amazing food options that everyone will be sure to enjoy - from children to grandparents.

According to the Comn Fare Instagram page (@comnfare), construction on the new kitchen is currently underway and is slated to open this fall.

For more information about Comn Fare, Peculier Ales or to stay updated with the taproom's latest project, follow Comn Fare and Peculier Ales (@peculierales) on Instagram, or visit the taproom's website linked here. 

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