I came across a map that showed the best shows set in each state, claiming Colorado's to be the '70s sitcom starring the late Robin Williams, Mork and Mindy, set in Boulder. If you're ever near the Pearl Street Mall, you can actually see the old Victorian house from the opening credits at 1619 Pine Street.

There are a handful of other popular TV shows set in Colorado (aside from South Park, I think that one is pretty obvious). I grew up in the Denver Metro area, and one of my high school friends was a checker at our local King Soopers. Needless to say, he made a pretty big deal out of seeing Beth Chapman in his store one day. I was skeptical that he actually saw her -- that is, until a couple months later when I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV, chasing down a fugitive just blocks from my house.

Some of these shows are set in fictional locations, while others are set in real Colorado towns, and you may even recognize the scenery in a few of them.