The family of a Northern Colorado legend would like to honor his memory by naming a street after him -- if the city will respond to their request, that is. 

Jim Burrill told us over email that his 'Uncle Art' was 'a legend in Northern Colorado,' who passed away in 1986.

Burrill provided us with an article about his uncle from the Coloradoan in 1984, which paints Collamer as that guy in town that everyone knew -- and knew everyone. He was born in 1893 to a line of Fort Collins ancestors, and raised in Bellvue.

Dan Contouris/TSM
Dan Contouris/TSM

Collamer rests where his Fort Collins homestead once was, now Grandview Cemetery.

In another news clipping Burrill shared on Facebook, the Coloradoan says Collamer had 'miles of friends.' To keep the memory of Collamer alive decades after his passing, Burrill is hoping those friends will come forward and help.

Burrill has contacted the City of Fort Collins about naming a street after his uncle, but says he's been ignored. If you knew Arthur Collamer, and would like to help his family with this cause, you can contact Ted Shepard with the City of Fort Collins Development Review at

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