Just add water! Just kidding, do not do that. This giant medicinal smorgasbord, of course, is found in Fort Collins' historic City Drug — and surprisingly hasn't been stolen. Yet.

A stamp collection is one thing, maybe even rocks, but pills? As one Reddit user commented, this is a 'Charlie Sheen cocktail,' and a special little piece of Fort Collins history.

According to Lost Fort Collins, City Drug has been in Fort Collins since 1873, making it the oldest business in town. It is still open on the corner of College and Mountain downtown, where it has been since the '60s, where they have the 'Jar of Drugs' on display.

No word on when or why exactly this feel-good death jar came to fruition, but whoever posted the photo says it's about 30 years old. I mean, what else would you do with pills, right? See a photo of it here.

Google Street View
Google Street View

According to one Reddit user, monicacpht3641,

'The over the counter pills in our jar are from sample packs that have gone past their expiration date. Usually Tylenol and the like. The prescription pills come from one of two places.

Some are "floor pills". Pills that have fallen on the floor or in some dusty corner of the pharmacy and therefore are undispensable to customers. The rest are from customers. Many customers will bring us their old medications to dispose of, and some of the prettier ones will end up in the jar. [Source: monicacpht3641, reddit.com]

I've also enjoyed some of the other comments made it poorer taste... Thanks, Reddit!

jake_me_home_2night: "In Fort Collins you can call that a pharmacy display but out in LA that's just called a Lindsay Lohan Tuesday."

ScrumptiousPrincess: "Wow! Keith Richards carries one just like it in his overnight bag."

yes_no_yes_yes_yes: "...imagine how cool it would feel to put a hand inside all of that."

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