While it's not surprising to see a local business be on the top of the list of Fort Collins police calls, it may be surprising that they scored the top two spots.

According to the Coloradoan, Walmart leads the way in the city when it comes to the business having to call Fort Collins police services for assistance.

The Walmart located at 1250 East Magnolia Street in the northeastern part of the city leads the way, with 616 calls last year. 320 phone calls were having to do with shoplifting, while the remaining calls were tied into welfare checks, trespassing, and other incidents.

Coming in second on the list was the Walmart located on South Mason Street, which had 221 calls in 2015.

Officials state that the calls may not always be directly involved with the business, as it could be just a traffic stop at the plaza utilizing Walmart as a stop.

The third most calls came from the Super Target located at Front Range Village. They had 196 calls originating from that location.

Other locations that made the top ten list include:

  • Tony's Bar (South College Avenue): 146 calls
  • Jefferson Park: 136 calls
  • Yeti Bar and Grill (Old Town Square): 123 calls


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