Wildfires can break out without warning anywhere in Colorado, even smack-dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, as seen with the recent Marshall Fire in Boulder.

Fortunately, for one Boulder family, their home was spared from damage during the Marshall Fire, because the dwelling was built with flame-resistant materials. This family was incredibly lucky, and also incredibly smart to have used these types of materials in the architecture of their home. Homeowners can consider modifying their homes with fire-proof components, such as stone and stucco, to help protect themselves in the event of another devastating fire.

A tiny home currently for sale in Colorado would be perfect for someone wanting to live in a structure that would ward off flames.

Peek Inside This Fire Proof Colorado Tiny Home For Sale

Wildfires are not uncommon to people living in Colorado, but this home will protect whoever is living inside as well as their possessions.

Colorado Two-Story Tiny Home Used to Be a Playhouse

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