Eldora has gotten permission from the federal government to expand its terrain by over 60 acres.

Located just outside of Boulder, Eldora was awaiting approval from the U.S. Forest Service to expand into Roosevelt National Forest, and according to the Daily Camera, it has been granted.

Eldora is one of Colorado's few ski areas that isn't located off of I-70, and, in my experience growing up nearby, feels more like a 'locals' destination than a tourist attraction (just two of the things I really love about it).

Getty Images/ThinkStock
Getty Images/ThinkStock

Patch.com reports that the expansion will include '27 acres of trails, 35 acres of gladed skiing, either a four or six-person high-speed lift, and additional snow-making capabilities.'

The Daily Camera did not give a timeline for the expansion, but did mention a lift-naming contest, something Loveland Ski Area did last year. Lifty McLiftface?

You can read more about Eldora's future here.

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