The Colorado Department of Transportation announced they, along with Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement, will ramp up DUI enforcement as the summer comes to a close.

According to the release from CDOT, 36% of traffic fatalities in 2021 involved a suspected impaired driver. And, as summer comes to a close, they will be locking down with patrols stationed statewide to remove drivers who are under the influence from roads.

Leading into the Labor Day holiday weekend, impaired drivers are always a concern. So, CDOT will be working with local agencies to operate their late summer DUI campaign from Aug. 18 to Sept. 6.

Chief of Colorado State Patrol Col. Matthew Packard acknowledged end of summer festivites that unfortunately lead to a spike in impaired driving fatal crashes. Packard calls for people to hold their loved ones accountable and join the effort to keep the roads as safe as possible.

Colorado Department of Transportation
Colorado Department of Transportation

CDOT reported that there have been 133 traffic fatalities involving an impaired driver in 2021. Law enforcement agencies also made 694 arrests of impaired drivers last year. CDOT's Office of Transportation Safety Director Darrell Lingk spoke on the severity of getting behind the wheel impaired, saying:

When alcohol or marijuana is present, there is always a choice to make, and the decision affects more people than just the driver. Please be mindful of the decision at hand to never drive impaired - lives depend on it.

"The Heat Is On" campaign is the impaired driving enforcement, education and awareness campaign that the CDOT Highway Safety Office is running. The campaign runs year round, but is centered heavily around national holidays and large public events. To learn more about the campaign, arrest numbers and safety tips, you can check out the campaign online.

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