If you haven't heard, Taste of Fort Collins is going online on Friday, July 24. And, remember that we now have your chance to win a porch party — Xfinity will come to your house and set up a 16-foot outdoor TV so you can watch the show on the big screen with a few friends [Enter here!]. The lineup is full of performances from the Colorado bands you voted onto the lineup, like Glass Cases

Aside from being the band that scored the most votes in our Taste of Fort Collins competition, give us the rundown. Glass Cases is an alternative synth-pop trio from Colorado. We met when: Lead vocalists Austin and Alex have been friends since childhood, and met drummer Cameron in 2017. We've been recording and playing music ever since. 

Courtesy of Glass Cases/Casey Jack

For those who don't know the band (yet), Glass Cases is for fans of: 

AJR, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Jukebox the Ghost.

I've seen your new videos where you're playing ukulele outside in some of Colorado's scenic locations. It reminded me of what Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots does. Where will you be performing from on Friday, July 24 during our virtual show? 

We will be performing from Alex's basement. We have our own light and sound equipment, so the basement has been transformed into an intimate music venue (Could be the hottest new spot to see bands in C. Springs?!).

During quarantine, Glass Cases kept busy by...

We are putting the final touches on a new song that we will be recording at the end of July and building the elements behind that release. We've been taking dogs on plenty of walks and travelling, and we’ve been binge watching classic shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Chuck, and Portlandia.

Courtesy of Glass Cases/Casey Jack

5) What can we look forward to during your Taste of Fort Collins set?

We will be performing two songs from our new album, 'In Between' and 'Caught,' as well as a quick acoustic cover of 'All You Need is Love' by The Beatles. With programmed lights and other audio-visual elements, we are going to bring as much energy and creativity to the set as we would a live show. We will also be foreshadowing our upcoming single 'Chemicals' with our clothing, etc.

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