Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning drivers that the recent change in daylight hours means higher risk of hitting wildlife on roadways.

Here in Northern Colorado, we're no strangers to elk and deer (and the occasional mountain lion) crossing the road, but it's important to be extra cautious this time of the year. CPW shared that according to Colorado Depar​tment of Transportation, 'November sees more car accidents involving wildlife than any other month.'

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This is in part because of changes in weather and animals moving to lower elevations. With dusk arriving earlier in the day now, drivers are more at risk of hitting wildlife that could be near the road at that time.

'It’s going to be obviously most dangerous at dusk and dawn. This time of year, the days are getting shorter and people are commuting to and from work at those times.' - Cody Wigner, Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager

There are no 'high-risk areas' in Northern Colorado, according to CPW, but US-34 between Estes Park and Loveland, and the roads around the Horsetooth and Masonville areas are very populated with wildlife. See safety tips from CPW here.

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