Crazy Town had a rough Halloween after their tour van hit a moose in Canada. Luckily, the musicians didn’t suffer any major injuries, though they were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

The rap-rock band were driving Route 17 in Ontario, Canada when the accident took place. Though Crazy Town escaped with just minor injuries, the moose did not survive the crash. Crazy Town posted photos and video of the wreck, but be warned, as they included footage of the dead moose. A bottle of what appears to be alcohol can also be seen on the floor of the driver’s seat.

The "Butterfly" band write, “We just got out of the emergency room, by the grace of god we are all okay, just cuts and bruises. We hit a moose on route 17 in Ontario Canada last night. The moose unfortunately was killed instantly and we all just feel horrible about it. As you can see in the video our rental van was totalled but we are still planning on finishing the tour."

Advance warning the video below has a few graphic images.”

“Crazy Town hit a moose on their way here, but they are still coming for you Sudbury! Happy Halloween and hope to see you out m/“ wrote Sudbury venue The Asylum.

Despite the brutal crash, Crazy Town still made it to Sudbury to continue their anniversary tour celebrating 20 years of The Gift of Game. Crazy Town will play another week of shows in North America this year, including one in Scranton, Pa. on Nov. 9 — the exact 20th birthday of the album.

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