It's one of the region's most-popular water parks; it's definitely Denver's most popular, for sure. Tens of thousands of mostly under-age fun enthusiasts enjoy the park, but how many adults are getting a drink?

It sits on 70 acres, it has over 50 rides/attractions, and hosts throngs of screaming kids at just about every corner throughout ever season. It takes a lot of patience as an adult to "keep it together" as they bring their kids and kids' friends for a day of fun at Water World in Denver (Federal Heights), Colorado; why not have a little "adult" fun?

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Having grown up in Loveland, I have gone to Water World once or twice, but that was way back in the '80s and early '90s. Back then, they didn't have as many rides; I do remember enjoying the wave pool and hitting the "big" slides a lot. I really should have gone more, but it had always been too pricey.

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I do now wish I'd taken my nephew and a friend out there at least once, but time flies, when you're an uncle. However, even when my nephew was at an age that his Uncle would take him to Water World, they did not have alcohol. I'm not sure if that would have had us going, it's just a fact.


In a recent article about Water World's newest attractions, they'd mentioned how the park "now serves alcohol," and I was nearly floored. The park has always seemed, to me, to the kind of place that would only serve water and soft drinks, maybe a smoothie; but "booze?" It really took me by surprise.

I reached out to Water World via Facebook about "how long" they'd been serving beers and frozen cocktails, and they told me, "about 5 years, now."

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They have at least three locations that you can sit and enjoy an adult beverage:

  • The Lodge
  • Walliver's Burrito Company
  • Bermuda's

Of course, you can't just walk around with your beer or cocktail, but that's all for the better: "You kids run along, I'm going to be here for a little bit."

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