For the fans of the Dillon Ice Castles can rejoice, as this Saturday, December 28, they will once again reopen.

All of the fun returns as visitors can see some exceptionally "cool" sculptures and even slide down an ice slide! Last year the tallest tower was 56 feet.

Workers preparing the ice castle, known as ice farmers have been preparing the site for weeks and in just a few days we can experience and enjoy all of their hard work.

Completion times for ice castles such as the one in Dillion can take up to 4,000 hours to complete. But once completed, they sure are impressive.

Reservations are taken so that no one misses out on a chance to check these amazing structures out.

Once the sun sets, the LED lights come on and you can hear the gasps and the comments of "how cool is this:?

If you've never had the opportunity to tour the Ice Castle, make this your hear.

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