A snowy mountain town is already a beautiful sight, but come December, the town of Dillon will be transformed into an actual winter wonderland. That's because the majestic Ice Castles are making their return to Colorado, and have once again chosen Summit County as the 2018 location.

People spend weeks designing and creating these gorgeous sculptures, which feature everything from LED lights and tunnels to archways, spires and slides. Millions of pounds of icicles are used to build the original castles, and once they are complete, crews continue to add about 10,000 more every day. Upon entering, visitors say they feel like they're walking into a real-life fairy tale...and just by looking at the photos, it's easy to see why!

It's important to keep in mind that the walking surface inside the castles changes daily depending on weather conditions, recent snowfall, and current and recent temperatures. The Ice Castles are expected to open in late December (depending on weather), and will remain accessible as long as the temperature is cold enough. Be sure to follow Ice Castles CO on Facebook for the latest updates and information.

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