Colorado Springs Police Department said they were 'pawsitively surprised,' and we think the raccoon looks it as well.

Thankfully, this story doesn't end with road kill. Colorado Springs Police Department shared the photo, which admittedly made us giggle a little, of a raccoon 'hitching a ride' on one of their patrol cars. But, uh, what exactly is happening here?

We don't really know, but according to Colorado Springs Police Department's Facebook, Officer Frabbiele was en route to a serious accident when all of the sudden, there was a raccoon on his windshield.

He turned his wipers on but that didn't work -- just kidding. The officer was able to pull over so the raccoon could get off the hood of the car unharmed. Hitchhiking isn't illegal in the state of Colorado, so he was also not taken into custody.

However, he did get his picture taken for police records:

See more via The Denver Channel.

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